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Team Jackal Captain and multi-discipline shooter Jon Cresswell has spent 12 months using the Razor Slim Ear Pro from Walkers, here’s his very detailed take on them, sure you’ll find it useful -    Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muffs are affordable electronic hearing protection for shooters.  The Walkers Razor Slim electronic muffs have a 23dB noise reduction rating (the maximum noise level the hearing protector will reduce the sound) and offer the shooter a low-profile hearing protection solution. The muffs themselves are made from a sound dampening composite and have a nice soft touch matt coating. The low profile of...

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Christian is our resident field hunter, he’s very kindly written a few words about where his passion for hunting rabbits takes him -      As this is my first blog introductions are in order. I’m Christian, a precision rifle shooter and avid rabbit hunter. Along with my other Team Jackal team mates, I compete at precision rifle matches across the UK and I have my hunting grounds in North Yorkshire. Before discovering target sports and the world of firearms, I started out as a rabbit hunter, using my BSA Ultra SE .22 PCP airgun. Rabbit hunting is my first...

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Well it’s safe to say we are outdoors guys who like a good yomp! If you’ve ever seen me carrying in Peli cases at a trade show or on a range you will undoubtedly have heard me say one of my motos “I’m not very smart but I’m good at lifting stuff!” I was introduced to shooting as a deerstalker, not on the range, my progress into shooting was backwards to most. At the time I was working heavily in the public sector, fetching and carrying and using a 50/50 split of brains and braun. All this meant I had...

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