*New* Range Medical Course!

We are delighted to announce our new 'Range Medical Course'

A one day course covering the essential subject matter needed by those involved in shooting on ranges and open land. Including basic life support, general medical conditions, ballistic medicine and more. 
Created by shooters for shooters and delivered by experienced and qualified medical experts.

Ideally run for 10 people but can cater for up to 12, this course must be held at an appropriate venue and costs
 £95 per student*


We are delighted to be working with Lantra.  

This course is accredited by Lantra Awards and is regulated in line with Ofqual and industry standards. 

Please contact us to discuss any training needs you may have.


* discounts available for multiple bookings


Previous student feedback:

“The trainers did a stunning job. I can say with confidence that that was the most inspirational, practically relevant and educational first aid course I have ever done. I learnt so much of relevance to actual ‘first aid’ and many of the reasons ‘why we do what needs doing’. I have been babbling on about it to people ever since. Fantastic thanks.” JT

“The course was engaging, extremely educational and was delivered in a way I could understand with no previous medical training. It covered ballistic trauma in such a manner that it has made me feel a lot more confident about how to approach treating a patient. It covered a wide range of other topics which I didn’t expect and I think that knowledge could become incredibly useful in day to day life if I was at the scene of an accident. I’m glad that the time was spent on talking about treating more common injuries and conditions and it demystified a lot of stuff for me like CPR and in the long run it could help me save a life one day, which is priceless.” MS

“An absolutely fantastic course from the team at Jackal Firearms. Our club members received excellent training from the vastly experienced instructor, in a highly professional, informative and interactive way.  This is knowledge and skills that everyone involved in Shooting Sports should have, and we as a club will be encouraging all of our members to attend this course.”

SR – Chairman of Home Office Approved Shooting Club