We are a Registered Firearms Dealer based in the North of England, supplying firearms, ammunition & equipment to the civilian shooting industry, Military and Law Enforcement.

With over 20 years working in the public sector we have a broad range of skills and experience to draw upon when developing and sourcing products and services.

We provide medical solutions tailored for the responsible modern shooter, whilst also delivering bespoke training for individuals & organisations in an effort to make them as confident, competent & safe as possible! 

Everything you will see on this site is something we use, trust, fully endorse and more often than not have made from scratch. The training you see is provided to our very high standards by instructors with both the qualifications and, more importantly, the proper experience to back it up!

Also, if its shiny, we like it and it’s worthy of your consideration & hard earned money then we may even review it too!

We are proud to support the shooters from Team Jackal and work with some fantastic brands in the process. 

Thanks for dropping by,


Big Jackal