“Necessity is the mother of invention”……….. ain’t that the truth!

After over 20 years of working in the more interesting areas of the public sector, interspersed with various forms of specialist bespoke training and a healthy dose of social outdoor activities, we find ourselves able to share what we do with your good selves.

Based in the North of England, right on the coast, we supply equipment for the civilian shooting industry including firearms accessories and medical equipment geared towards the responsible modern shooter.

We also provide bespoke training for individuals and organisations in an effort to make them as confident, competent and safe as possible! 

Everything you will see on this site is something we use, trust, fully endorse and more often than not have made from scratch. The training you see is provided to our very high standards by people with both the abilities and, more importantly, the proper experience to back it up!

Also, if its shiny, we like it and it’s worthy of your consideration & hard earned money then we may even review it too!

Thanks for dropping by,


Big Jackal