Walkers Razor Slim Ear Pro - 12 Month Review

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Walkers Razor Slim Ear Pro - 12 Month Review

Team Jackal Captain and multi-discipline shooter Jon Cresswell has spent 12 months using the Razor Slim Ear Pro from Walkers, here’s his very detailed take on them, sure you’ll find it useful - 


Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Muffs are affordable electronic hearing protection for shooters. 

The Walkers Razor Slim electronic muffs have a 23dB noise reduction rating (the maximum noise level the hearing protector will reduce the sound) and offer the shooter a low-profile hearing protection solution.

The muffs themselves are made from a sound dampening composite and have a nice soft touch matt coating. The low profile of the muffs mean that they do not interfere with your shooting position or equipment.   

The electronic muffs are available in a variety of colours, however, I decided to go for the black ones - black goes with everything. The padding around the muffs feels comfortable against my face and as it moulds to the contours of my face it provides a good seal. They also feel comfortable when wearing thin frame ballistics eyewear (I use the Edge Tactical Overlords).

The padded headband is comfortable to wear and adjusts easily to fit the size of your head. So you can shoot all day wearing them. It also conceals the cable within the head band so that it doesn’t snag.


The muffs have 2 hi-gain omnidirectional microphones, one on each ear. The microphones detect and amplify sound and play it through the internal speakers. They are exceptionally good at picking up spoken voice, so you can hear Range Officers or shooting buddies nice and clearly, and hold a “normal” conversation whilst wearing them. They are also great for a large range or where you are some distance from other shooters as the amplified sound enables you to hear conversations from some distance.


The battery life is pretty good and they are powered by 2 x AAA batteries, so they are easy to change. The external battery compartment makes changing batteries exceptionally easy. The cover on the right ear muff slides up revealing the battery compartment so you can quickly swap out the batteries.


Sound protection

Excessive noise can cause permanent and disabling hearing loss. The HSE state that “The level at which hearing protection should be worn is now 85 decibels”. You can control and reduce the risk of hearing loss by wearing sustained hearing protection.

The sound within the muffs is reduced when the microphones detect external noise, through the microphones, over 90dB. So the crack of a gunshot (at around 140-165dB) will be cut off after 0.02 seconds and reduced by 23dB (according to Walkers GSM).   

How do they compare with other brands?


Walkers Razor Electronic Muff

Cost: £60

Weight: 340g

Battery life: I couldn’t find any data on the battery life, but I have only swapped out my batteries once in a year, so I’m cool with that (2 x AAA) 

Noise reduction rating: 23

Cut off: 90dB


MSA Sordin Pro

Cost: £211

Weight: 310g

Battery life: 300hrs (2 x AA)

Noise Reduction Rating: 18

Cut off: 82dB


3M™ PELTORSportTac™ 

Cost: £154

Weight: 318g

Battery life: 600hrs (2 x AA)

Noise Reduction Rating: 26

Cut off: 82dB


The Walker’s electronic muffs are cheaper than other popular choices of shooting ear protection. They also have a reasonable noise reduction rating - reducing noise by 23dB. They do weigh slightly more than some of their competitors, however, they are comfy and you almost forget you are wearing them.



Cost - at £60 they are an excellent affordable solution for anyone wanting to upgrade to electronic hearing protection from standard muffs.
Hearing protection - they have a high noise reduction rating meaning they will give you great protection on the range.
Compact - The shells fold inside the headband for easy stowage. The compact shells also mean you can still maintain a decent cheek weld.
Sound quality - I’ve had several electronic muffs, including other well-known brands and I found the sound quality on the walkers to be excellent. They also amplifies ambient noise.
Controls are easy to locate whilst you are wearing them.
Comfortable to wear all day on the range. They work well with thin frames eye protection, but not so well with thick frames (same as most ear pro...).
The AUX input is a standard audio jack so can work with many accessories and the Walker's Walkie Talkie (yes it’s actually called that).
Uses AAA batteries that are very easy to change.  



When using with my semi-auto shotgun I found that the bottom of the muff and my stock pinched my face whilst shooting causing discomfort (I did get through over 200 cartridges…). The muffs work perfectly fine with my AR and precision rifle and they are my preferred ear protection.
Volume control - the controls may get knocked and switch on whilst stowed in your gear. There is also no auto shut off. Not a massive issue, but something to be aware of as you don’t want flat batteries. Ensuring they are switched off and stowed within the headband should stop this from happening.
Although the microphones are omnidirectional I found it hard to determine the direction of the sound.


Full Specs

2 Hi-gain omnidirectional microphones
Full dynamic range HD speakers 
Natural sound clarity
Sound dampening composite housing 
Sound activated cut off after 0.02 seconds 
External audio (Aux) input
Recessed volume control on/off switch
Comfortable headband and padded muffs 
External battery compartment, operating on 2 x AAA batteries.


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