The Northern Shooting Show

I love the Northern Shooting Show! Not only because of how good it is and how well it is run but primarily as it is right on my doorstep!

Jackal Firearms at NSS

This year were were there in force, 3 of us full of caffeine and planning on making the most of a show with an estimated 100,000 attendees over the two days.

All the major suppliers were there, firearms and clothing manufacturers, RFD's and Police Forces, even the Army tipped out.

As a customer I cannot recommend NSS more, its a great show and a great place to buy your firearms, ammo and kit. There are even some serious bargains to be had!

We were set up to speak to people about training, supply them some kit and generally shoot the breeze about the industry, where its going and how to get the most out of it. It's also a great opportunity to catch up with industry buddies, have a few beers and keep ourselves in touch with the big moves and changes.

Glorious weather in 'Gods Own County'!

We had a great time, booking training and speaking to prospective customers and the feedback we had from you guys made it all worthwhile, we cannot thank you enough for your honesty! The gaps we see in relation to competency and medical training are most definitely there and it was refreshing to speak to humble shooters about how they, their friends and their fellow club members could benefit from some meaningful instruction.

Hey, we had a laugh too, running a Red Eyed Hog Shooting range and giving away some free stuff. We met some great people and put some vital lifesaving #StopTheBleed kit into peoples hands.

We also had a cameo from our good buddy Joe from Orangutan Bushcraft who spoke to people about what he's up to, the bushcraft industry and his plans for the future. He'll be running some courses soon too so if that's your bag then keep an eye on his Insta/Facebook.

Of all the things we saw there, special mention goes to IdleBack Shooting Chairs, we love what they make and are glad to see them doing so well. If mobility is an issue but you don't want your shooting to suffer then you need to be speaking with them!

It was also a chance for us to celebrate some fantastic relationships we have with our various partners! It was great to be able to speak to people about who they are, what they do and why we like them so much!

Anyway, sorry this took a few weeks to do, its been manic at Jackal HQ with lots going on, all good and all bode well for the future.

As quick as NSS was set-up it was over, until next time!

NSS opened a few interesting doors for us and we can't wait to show you where they lead!

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there, whatever you are doing!

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