The Last Stand LLC Mini Kit

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The Last Stand LLC Mini Kit

We’re delighted to be working with Greg over at The Last Stand LLC in the USA who makes one of our favourite products throughout the shooting industry! It ticks all of the boxes we see as important in a product we use and endorse - simple, effective and reasonably priced!

We first came across these bits of kit a few years ago when shooting on a commercial range in the UK and we were blown away by them, especially the ease in which they could be moved onto a field fire range.

As long as we can remember, target hangers have been big, heavy and cumbersome. The sort of thing you build once and never move, for fear of putting your back out every time. These things can be folded up and carried over your shoulder like a hobo sack, genius!

If only we could get them in the UK?

Then we faced the age-old problem of importing them from the US to the UK which can ultimately be price prohibitive for single items.

We speak to a lot of customers and industry buddies about this and there is so much quality kit coming out of the USA which unfortunately never makes it across the pond for that very reason.

We are fortunate to have quite a bit of experience when I comes to importing from the States so having watched this fantastic brand go from strength to strength we felt it was time to get involved.

The kit we supply is their ‘Mini Kit’ and ultimately contains everything you need to get out shooting without the bulky heavy items that it would make no sense to ship all the way from the USA.

In the kit you get two corner joints and two hangers, enough to hang two small ‘single hole’ gongs or one larger gong with two holes.

They sell kits with AR500 steels, nuts & bolts and rebar, all things we can get in the UK at a fraction of the cost so makes a lot of sense.

We get all of our steels from the Toms at Toms Targets -

In our experience there are no better Hardox/AR500 targets out there and their customer service is second to none. They are decent guys that know their shooting too as opposed to a metal fabrication company that usually makes septic tanks. They are at all the big shooting shows which is a great place to buy your steels, everyone loves a show special after all.

As for the bolts and rebar, it’s as simple as heading to your local builders merchants for 6 (can get away with 4) lengths of 1/2inch rebar and some standard wing nuts & bolts. If you are shooting down hill and have worked out your ricochet sums then you’ll be fine with them hanging vertical, if you are shooting a flatter horizon then you may want to stand off the nuts/bolts to induce an angle. If you are unsure about this drop us a line and we’ll give you more details.

Want a set in the UK then you know where to go, we get regular shipments as it stands but don’t hang about, there’s a lot of interest in them already,

Buy them from the store!

As  much as we could go to town on a video showing how they work there are already a few crackers out there, we’ve attached them below. We’ll look to get some post-COVID19 footage in due course.

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