I've finally found the ideal way to carry my Izula - Sagewood Gear Scout Straps

I've had an ESEE Izula from day one! I've reviewed them on here before and, in my humble opinion, they are without fault. An excellent, all round, no nonsense, simple EDC knife and moreover they are an ESEE product - no questions asked lifetime warranty and support from one of the best companies in the business!

Amongst my various disadvantages, as you all know well, I live in the UK and as such certain bits of kit are far from straightforwards to get my hands on.

I got the heads up from a buddy in the States that a very clever Izula sheath adaptor had come on the market, something that appeared to succeed where my previous efforts to scout carry an Izula had failed. Not only had i been worded up about how clever this thing was I also had a few testimonials about the makers and the high quality levels of production. I very soon found myself drooling over the wares offered by Sagewood Gear on their website and before I knew it one was on its way over to the UK.

[caption id="attachment_565" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Izula Sagewood[/caption]

A quick few words on the 'scout carry'. Not only does it offer better manipulation when prone (I spend a lot of my time laying down) it also has a much lower profile when stood up compared to conventional vertical belt carry, people are twitchy these days and even thought the Izula is the smallest fixed blade I carry, why give them an excuse. What they don't know can't hurt them!

It landed in relatively quick time and based on initial feelings I was very impressed. Well made, slick and clever design. But, as is the case with anything I use 24/7 it needed a good run out before I was anywhere near making my mind up.

Sagewood Izula Scout Straps

Perfect timing as I had a shooting trip planned which included a long road trip from the top of the UK to the bottom, no mean feat in a country so congested, oh and I'd have a car full of rifles and ammunition, limiting my options for stopping/breaks etc. All in all a testing few days.

Anyway, I set off, knife in its sheath attached to the rear of my belt, fitting perfectly between the belt loops on my 5.11 Defender pants. The low profile carry sat perfectly as I was upright in the drivers seat, 7 hours later and I had forgotten it was there.

[caption id="attachment_562" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Now you see me now you don't[/caption]

I even forgot i had it on as I sat in the restaurant eating my evening meal, it wasn't until I had a shower after my meal that I noticed it!

Two days solid shooting, out to 1500 metres (heaven), in the prone position showed just how this carry option is ideal for me and how well made these straps are. A buddy took a few photos of me and you simply cannot see it is there. It allowed for effortless removal of the blade from the sheath, for various tasks including clearing a rifle, cutting cardboard ammo boxes open etc etc.

[caption id="attachment_563" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Shooting prone[/caption]

The fact that these straps allow you to use the original ESEE kydex sheath is one of the things I most like about this item, as the sheath is perfect. I've seen many people try to replace it but nothing has come close, certainly for the money (these sheaths are like £10/$14 or less).

The reverse journey then followed, no issues with the carry position for another 7 hours and before I knew it I was home, often forgetting I even had my blade on my belt.

This thing will continue to see daily use, on walks, hunting, shooting at the range and whilst out and about in the field. Aside of the leather wearing slightly and the pop-studs loosening slightly (which you'd expect of any item of this nature) I cannot see a reason for anything to change. I'll check back in at some point in the future and let you know how it is fairing but I have no doubt that this bit of kit will go on to serve me well for a very long time! I only wish it was about when I first bought mu Izula, all those years ago!

[caption id="attachment_564" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Jackal Mug[/caption]

For the money, this is an exceptional addition to your already immensely useful ESEE Izula, manufactured to a very high standard yet still value for your money! Get yourself one, you will not be disappointed I assure you!

Sagewood Gear Izula Scout Carry Strap now available!



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