Boscabel Weapon Systems - Review

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Boscabel Weapon Systems - Review

Team Jackal shooter Christian has been putting the Bel-Loc Bipod from Boscabel through its paces recently, here’s what he had to say…..

Having a bipod on my rifle has become as important to me as having a scope. Whether I am out hunting or competing in a precision rifle match, I find myself constantly appreciating the convenience and advantage they give me and, as with a trusted scope, I want a bipod that is feature rich, easy to use and of solid construction. A couple of years ago, having had cheap and high end bipods fail on me, I purchased an Atlas PSR. Built like a tank, it was to be the last bipod I would ever need to buy. I now wish, however, that before I bought my Atlas I could have tried a Bel-Loc bipod from Boscabel Weapon Systems. Having recently tested a Bel-Loc, out hunting and at precision rifle competitions, I know which one I’d now buy and it is not the Atlas.


Necessity Redefined


Before I tell you why I think the Bel-Loc is an Atlas beater, let me tell you a little bit about Boscabel Weapon Systems and how the Bel-Loc came to be. Founded by Corey, a professional Kangaroo shooter from Australia, Boscabel Weapon Systems has been producing the Bel-Loc bipod since 2013. Corey first laid down his concepts for the Bel-Loc in 2004 and since then he’s been constantly refining the design right up to the present day and the V4 offering. Boscabel Weapon Systems proudly state on their website that “Innovation is what sets us apart and helps us achieve our ultimate goal, Redefining Necessity!” and having spoken in person with Corey about my experiences with the Bel-Loc and their other products I too believe that they are a company that constantly strives to gather customer feedback in an endless drive to achieve perfection. With the Bel-Loc bipod, they have created a product that has changed my perception of what a bipod must be able to do.


Bare Necessity


Boscabel are introducing themselves to the shooting world at a considerate pace. They are well known in their home nation and New Zealand, are established in the USA and are now starting to become known on mainland Europe. They are unknown in the United Kingdom, so when, in May, they contacted me and asked if I would try out their Harris style bipod adapter and feet, I was intrigued about who they are. Following a little bit of research and speaking to the team in Australia, I agreed to try them out. A week later I was in possession of their Harris style adapter kit, complete with snap on rubber, magnetic and 3 claw feet. Magnetic feet? Well, yes! I did tell you they are innovative! Magnetic rubber feet are perfect for shooting off the metal bonnet or roof of your truck. If you’ve hunted before you might just appreciate that feature… I know I do and I’m surprised no one that I know of has thought of it before. The new bare necessity, redefined. The Harris style adapter kit is simple to install and once in place, you simply swap between feet by snapping them on and off a ball joint. There’s a bonus feature too because the section that you attach the feet to can be removed from the adapter and can then be used to attach the feet to an Atlas bipod! A solution that means you can now use the same feet on your Harris style bipod and your Atlas, should you own both. That type of solution only comes from people who understand shooting and the equipment that shooters use.


Laying my hands on a Bel-Loc


I had such a positive experience with the team at Boscabel and their adapter and feet that I shared my thoughts with Jackal Firearms, who then reached out to Boscabel to purchase a Bel-Loc bipod to try for themselves. A short time later, the Bel-Loc Ultimate Edition Complete Package arrived in the UK and Jackal Firearms got to work putting it through its paces. So impressed were they that they decided to stock the bipod, the first time it would available on our shores from a local retailer. After testing it for themselves, JF asked me for my opinion and passed the Bel-Loc on for testing. I’ve had the Bel-Loc for a few months now. I’ve hunted with it, had it down the range and I’ve used it without remorse in precision rifle matches. I like it. I like it a lot.

My review of the Bel-Loc


Let’s get the ‘standard’ features out of the way first. The Bel-Loc can be attached to a rifle via its quick detach (QD) mount and a picatinny rail (they supply an adapter if you only have swivel studs on your forend). You can also use an optional ARCA adapter, which I didn’t test. The bipod has built-in cant but no pan. The legs can be folded down in two positions: at both a 45 and 90 degree angle. My Atlas can also do 135 and 180 degrees, but when I needed to use a 135 degree angle in a recent PR match I simply turned the Bel-Loc around on the picatinny rail. Unlike the Atlas, to fold down the legs you pull a sleeve instead of pushing a button. This, I find, is much easier to do when under time pressure and when wearing gloves. Once the legs are deployed, you next need to align them at the correct height. This is where the Bel-Loc really departs from the norm and sets a new standard for how bipods should work! You see, the Bel-Loc has inner legs made of titanium and they are spring loaded. The bipod comes with a selection of springs, each of which has a different level of resistance. Install the springs with the right level of resistance for the weight of your rifle and you can achieve a perfectly tuned balance to meet your own requirements. Rest the rifle on the ground or on a vehicle or a barricade or anywhere you choose, whether on a flat or uneven surface and your bipod will automatically ‘float’ the front of your rifle keeping it levelled. No need to manually adjust each leg in turn. Need the rifle higher or lower? Simply lift or press down on the forend until you achieve the correct height and it will maintain the position. You can then twist a second sleeve on each leg to quickly lock them in place, should you require it, and the height at which you set isn’t limited by notches on the legs like with an Atlas or Harris, you have an infinite range of positions within its maximum and minimum limits.


Purpose of Use


I’ve used the Bel-Loc while hunting: shooting in the prone off the side of a hill and, more usually, while resting on dry stone walls. It’s been in the mud and the rain and the blazing sun and has never missed a beat. It’s quick to deploy, simple to adjust, intuitive as well as innovative. In precision rifle matches I’ve used it in gravel and on tractor tyres, on metal barrels, wooden barrels and wobble beds! It can do everything I need my Atlas to do only quicker, more precisely. Corey, antipodean Roo hunter and founder of Boscabel Weapon Systems, after listening keenly to his customers’ feedback has created a truly versatile and instinctive piece of quality engineering and design, but as a car can only perform as well as the tyres that connect it to the road, the Bel-Loc needs well designed and robust feet.


The Feet


Like its titanium inner legs, the titanium spiked talons that come with the Bel-Loc Ultimate Edition are the one set of feet you have to try before you die. They are amazing. Pointy enough to grip any surface and wide enough not to sink in to mud (I bet they would work well in the snow) they are the do all option for hunting, the range and precision rifle. I’ve not used nor seen a better set of bipod feet. Just don’t use them on your truck’s bonnet or your local club’s shooting benches because they will do some serious damage. When you need to protect the surface you are shooting from use the simple rubber feet or the wide magnetic rubber feet. The 3 Claw feet are also a great option when shooting off uneven surfaces because they tilt on a ball joint to conform to the slightest angle. Like the titanium spiked talons they are sharp, which means they grip steadfastly. If you are not in the market for a new bipod, upgrade your Harris or Atlas with the Boscabel feet options. You will not be disappointed.




As is the case with rifle scopes, everyone will have their own personal preferences about what they need from a bipod, what they like and dislike and what simply works or doesn’t work for them. For me, at this price point, I’ve not tried a bipod I liked more than the Bel-Loc from Boscabel Weapon Systems. Regardless of personal preferences, quality is not subjective. Quality is indomitable and so is the Bel-Loc.

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