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We are the UK’s only stockist of the fantastic Red Eyed Hog range of products. All held in UK stock for immediate delivery!

Get the ‘Ultimate Adventurer’ 

1 x BFat, 3 x 1oz tubs and 1 x 8oz tub


Red Eyed Hog Original ‘1oz Tub’ 

Designed by an award winning BBQ pitmaster for the backpacker, bushcrafter, camper and outdoorsman. We believe REH Original is the most versatile camp seasoning in the world. Packed in a small, lightweight, space saving container that easily fits in your pack. Red Eyed Hog Original is just the right blend of sweet, spicy and smoky to give a distinct flavour profile that reflects it's BBQ origins. Works perfect on freeze dried meals, MRE'S, wild game, fish, soups or stews. Never eat another bland meal in the backcountry again.


Red Eyed Hog Original ‘Basecamp’ 8oz

At 8 ounces, the REH Original ‘Basecamp’ is perfect for when size and weight are not an issue. It’s the perfect all purpose seasoning for BBQ, grilling, overlanding, and car camping. We’ll even give you a pass 🙂 and allow it in the kitchen. Keep one at hunting camp, throw one in the overland cook kit, and keep one in the kitchen cabinet. The one seasoning to rule them all.


Red Eyed Hog B-Fat™

All Natural! B-Fat™  versatility in a compact tube. Just the right blend of pure beeswax and lard rendered over hickory coals for 12 hours.

  • Firestarter
  • Knife/ tool steel protectant
  • Cast iron seasoner
  • Leather protectant
  • Wood protectant
  • Trap lubricant
  • Skin balm
  • Poultice base
  • Bow drill socket lubricant


Comes in an easy to use extra large .5 ounce lip balm style tube.