Paramedipad Range Medical Pocketbook

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The latest evolution of the Paramedipad Pocketbook is the *All New* Range Medical version. An essential item for shooters in our opinion !

This version has been produced in conjunction with us and has all the material you need in order to deal with an incident on a range or in a shooting environment.

Encapsulated in thick transparent material and spiral bound with a durable plastic, this pocketbook has all the reference material you will need in a hurry, all in a rugged, durable and waterproof format.

Best yet, you can write on the pages with a permanent marker and wipe it clean with either an alcohol wipe or trade secret !! (a whiteboard marker then rub clean).

Rather than having to bring your phone out your pocket, or go through those machine washed, issued reference cards, now you can have the latest, up to date information right in your pocket, and you will do well to break it.

Special sections for ARCTIC, SCALD, MARCH and all the Aide Memoirs you need.

So what are you waiting for ?. Grab yourself a copy and we know you will just love it as much as we do.