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The Breechtool™Lite consists of two components designed specifically to clean some of the toughest to get at parts of any weapon system.

The Breechtool™Lite reduces cleaning times and allows the user to streamline their WCK for the field, reducing weight.

This allows you to have peace of mind that your weapon system is cleaner than it ever has been before and you to focus on your routine.

Here's how

Step 1:

Get your preferred oil into the breech chamber (or Barrel extension chamber) behind the locking splines or 'lugs'. Then use the replaceable, unique & patented brush head engineered to attack any type of debris within the chamber* from the optimum angle.

* It is effective all over your weapon system. Strong enough to dislodge anything, soft enough to bounce back time after time.

Step 2:

The patented main tool gets a square or two of flannelette straight into the chamber behind the locking splines and picks up every last bit of debris that has never before been accessed.

Without fail every time The Breechtool™ easily accesses high carbon build up areas. previously untouched by any other 'tool' on the market. It can dislodge stubborn carbon and grit by allowing both clockwise and anti-clockwise movement due to not relying on a threaded attachment. 

Each Breechtool™Lite is processed by our team at NHMD Ltd to ensure and oversee the highest possible quality standards and we are so confident and proud of our handy work that each tool comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

Specifications and contents: 

  1. Material: The Breechtool™Lite is made from high quality, world renowned 304 Sheffield Stainless Steel (SS)*
  2. Avg. weight of tool: 16g
  3. Avg. weight of brush head: 5g (1x head included in starter pack >10 heads will be half green and half black brush heads)
  4. Manual with tips and tricks
  5. Tool wallet made of phthalate free PVC, is recyclable & fully REACH compliant
  6. LIFETIME warranty.


Add and oil bottle and extra brush heads to streamline yo ur kit further. 

Compatibility - Including but not limited to: 


SA80A2 / L129A1 / AR-10 / AR-15 / AR-18 / M4,6,16,27 / C7A2 / G36 / FN SCAR / FN15 / GPMG / MINIMI / Various Side Arms 

Note to Armourers: 

The Breechtool Lite has been developed directly with Soldiers, Armourers and the SASC of the British Army in conjunction with the University of Northumbria's School of Computing Engineering and Information Sciences since 2009. This means that we have ensured that the Breechtool will never damage a weapon system. 

We have also surpassed all tests and requirements for the UK Police Firearms Units to become their official suppliers. 

*[Geeky part] 304 SS is half the Vickers hardness of the material used for the barrel and barrel extension of the majority of weapon systems. This means that the Breechtool will not and has never damaged a weapon system since conception in 2009.