Boscabel Bel-Loc BLV3C220CP Bipod Ultimate Edition Complete Package

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This is the full kit! Everything Boscabel make in one place! All the springs & feet options as well as the very solid main bipod body. Oh and you get one of the best made carry cases we’ve ever come across, we think that’s worth the money alone!

The BLV3C220CP features the 5 key innovations that gives shooters a NEW experience! You will never again need to lift your rifle and leave your shooting position to adjust your BiPod!

The BLV3C220CP Standard inclusions on the Complete Package are RMS (rapid mount system) RCF (rubber cushion feet) 3CF (3 claw feet) TSF (titainium spike feet) RMF (rubber magnetic feet) and all spring pairs. The BLV3C220CP comes with 15+/- degrees of CANT. And an unchanging footprint of 220mm (8.7 inches) and 116mm (4.56 inches) of travel, from a max height of 269mm (10.6 inches) down to 153mm (6 inches)*

*Measurements made with 3CF feet

Featuring our 5 core innovations:

Comes with picatinny rail attachment. Adapter required for other fixing methods. 

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