Bore Tech Chameleon Gel™

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Colour-Changing Formula Lets You Know When The Barrel Really Is Totally Clean
Dual-purpose bore cleaner/polish changes colour to let you know what type of fouling remains in your barrel – or when it’s totally clean.
Designed to be used in conjunction with Bore Tech C4, Cu+2, and Eliminator products, Chameleon Gel removes heavy carbon, copper, lead, moly, and plastic fouling. Make multiple cleaning passes, just as you would with any cleaner, and if the gel residue comes out blue/green, you still have copper fouling. Black means carbon fouling, and grey means lead and/or moly.
When the gel residue finally remains white in colour, the barrel is clean and lightly polished. Non-embedding, biodegradable, safe for all barrels.
Comes in 2fl oz tube