3M™ 1100 Series Earplugs

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3M 1100 Orange foam ear plugs (1 pair)

- SNR= 37dB
- Pairs individually wrapped 

Over the many years we’ve been shooting these have proven to be invaluable in our kit bag. Why?
Yeah sure, we wear ear electronic protectors costing hundreds of pounds but what about ‘that guy’? You know that guy that turns up to the range without any ear protection. Or when you end up on a firing point (portacabin type) with magnum calibres all wearing brakes, that extra something under your cans will make all the difference!
Or the thing we’ve used them for the most? When that buddy of yours snores like a train and you have to share a hunting cabin with him! A good nights sleep makes a better shooter - fact!
Of all the things in our range bags these are the best value for money item and can be re-used over and over again. We carry several pairs ‘just in case’!
£1 shipping no matter how many pairs you order. Grab yourself a few!