Vanquest - RACKIT36 (Gen 2) - Black

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New Features: (1) 0.5" longer internal space. (2) More loop-faced MOLLE-Air attachment area in the front pocket. (3) More loop attachment area in the main compartment*

Designed for covert operations and urban settings, the RACKIT-36 (Gen-2) covert rifle pack provides discreet and secure transportation of your carbine with a rapid deployment capability.

Unlike any other sling-type rifle packs, the RACKIT-36's shoulder strap is fully adjustable for both right- and left-shoulder-carry. Supported by a removable waist strap, the RACKIT-36 gives you full range of motion with ultimate comfort.

Our FASTab™ system gives you lightning-fast access and deployment: Simply sling the pack to your front and pull the FASTab™ to quickly open and grab your gear.

The padded main compartment (36" x 2" x 12") is made of ultra-durable 1,000-D Cordura® with Teflon® coating, and lockable #10 YKK zippers with military-grade ITW ZipLine loop-pulls to protect your rifle from outside elements. Inside, a large (27.75” x 9.5”) hook and loop field provides extra space for modular accessories. Dual retention straps with an 11-position fastening system and adjustable muzzle cup tightly secures many different arms (carbine, SBR, Bullpup, etc)*

A large front pocket (19" x 2" x 12") with a loop faced MOLLE-Air panel for attaching either traditional PALS/MOLLE or hook and loop vital accessories** such as magazines, holsters, optics, and medical/field/cleaning kits. The optional CCW Holster, CCW-Plus-Mag and Double Mag Holder can be used for handgun and/or magazine carry. Additional roll-down ID loop panel and zipper pocket display and store any documents or patches you may carry.

Also as a bonus, the padding significantly reduces the "print" or "profile" of your rifle and magazines stored in the RACKIT.

Available in Black, Wolf Gray + Black trim, and Coyote Tan + Wolf Gray trim, the RACKIT-36 is the ultimate covert rifle pack for you to load up, put on, and blend in.

*Main compartment fits: 

M4 Carbine w/ 14” barrel, 31” OL
M4 Carbine w/ 16” barrel & A2 style flash hider (1.75”), 32.5” OL
M4 SBR w/ 10.5” barrel, 26.75” OL / AR15 Pistols – 7.5” and 10.5” barrels
M4 Carbine 16” barrel w/ aftermarket 3” flash hider, 33.75” OL (tight fit)
Steyr Aug bullpup w/ 16” barrel, 28.25” OL
IWI Tavor bullpup w/ 16” barrel, 27” OL, 11” height w/ optic.
FNH SCAR MK16 CQC w/ 10” barrel (31” OL, extended stock), w/ 14” barrel (35” OL, extended stock)
FNH MK 17 CQC w/ 10” barrel (35” OL extended stock), FNH PDW 6.75” barrel (25” OL, extended stock)
HK G36K 12.5” barrel (w/ folding stock closed 24.25”, open 39”)
HK G36C 9” barrel (w/ folding stock closed 20.0”, open 28.5")
HK 417 w/ 12” barrel, OL 32” closed stock, 35” open stock (16” barrel, OL 35.6” possible tight fit)
HK 416 w/ 10.3” barrel (OL 27.6”), 14.5” barrel (31.65”), 16.5” (33.6”) barrel (stock collapsed)
HK MP5-series (all models including MP5-SD), UMP & MP7A1
Kel-Tec SUB-2000, SU-16A & B (closed), SU16C, SU16CA (closed), SU-22, RFB Carbine, KSG shotgun.
Kriss Vector Carbine 45ACP (OL open 34.8”, closed 26.5”) Height 7”, SBR & SMG model (24.3” open)
UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun (28.3” OL), Saiga-12S & Saiga 12-K (32.3” stock folded)
Mossberg 500 (most 18.5” barrel) – Thunder Ranch, 500 JIC, Chainsaw, Rolling Thunder, Road Blocker, Blackwater
Remington 870 Express Pistol Grip models (30” OL)

"OL" = Overall Length

**Front pocket fits up to 12 30-rd mags (double stacked)