BreechTool - Weapon Cleaning Pouch (WCP)

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The Weapon Cleaning Pouch will make your WCK/RCK (Weapon/Rifle Cleaning Kit) the most ally thing since you learnt about Sir Christopher Lee's military career.


The no bull, all you need in the field, "Fight Smart, Fight Light" streamlined pouch of true purpose.



The WCP has been designed and developed from the ground up through extensive feedback loops with highly experienced end users, the ITDU and renowned military equipment tailor Tactical Wolf.


Specifically to optimise your PLCE (Personal Load Carrying Equipment) with the ultimate pouch solution.


The main pouch is constructed from Multicam™ waterproof fabric and heat welded so this pouch can be fully submerged and keep your kit dry. 


Open the G-hook pouch for a finger pull loop to give quick access to unfurl a weapon cleaning tool roll with multiple hard wearing elastic tool loops and a flap to keep tools in place and cover sharp objects from bag puncture.


A durable Multicam™ tray allows the user to place parts in when stripping the weapon down without loosing any items.


An identity panel for NSN codes or owner information.


Create the WCK by adding the Breechtool™ Original, Kobra, Oil spray bottle and weapon specific tools* to the WCP and the user can fully clean any weapon, 40% faster and lighter.


Specifications & Material:

1. Pouch: Fully waterproof Multicam™ rip-stop nylon

2. Tool loops: Elastic

3: G-hook: Black powder coated steel

4: Main structure material: A-A-55301 Nylon (used on webbing)

5: Pattern: MTP (Different Multicam™ variants can be selected) 


Recommended buy with the WCP: 


*SOPs can differ from operator to operator. The Breechtool™ is all about being on the personal carry. e.g. If you need other specific equipment, (Optic cleaning, preferred deep clean items) back at base/harbour area/in