BreechTool - Original

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The Breechtool™Original consists of three components designed specifically to clean the toughest to get at parts across any weapon system.

Proven through extensive trials, the Breechtool™ reduces cleaning times by 40%, and allows the user to streamline their WCK for the field, reducing weight.

This allows you to have peace of mind that your weapon system is cleaner than it ever has been before and you to focus on your routine.

Comes with one green head as standard.

Additional heads available:

Green Brush Heads: Softer .35mm Nylon 610 have an aheisive quality to pick up debris as well as dislodge.

Black Brush Heads: Stiffer .45mm Nylon 610 Heads are stiffer and are even more effective on stubborn areas.

Reccomended: Half and Half - get the best of both.